Community of Urbana Cooperative Housing
A nice place to call home.

The Community of Urbana Cooperative Housing (COUCH) is a non-profit cooperative housing organization that supports and seeks to expand the cooperative movement in Urbana, Illinois. COUCH offers low-cost housing options in a friendly, community-oriented environment. Our members not only share the same roof, but also share the responsibilities of maintaining the house. If you live in the Champaign-Urbana area, and are interested in the co-op experience, COUCH may be right for you!

About the Houses

Harvest House

Harvest is a 14 person house in Urbana focused on sustainability and cooperative living. We are a vegetarian and vegan-friendly house and open to pets.

Brooks House

Brooks is a 14 person house in Urbana focused on community building and cooperative living. We are non-vegetarian, but vegetarian-friendly and open to pets.

Randolph House

Randolph is a nine bedroom house in Champaign focused on gardening, cooking, and cooperative living. The house previously was operated as the Catholic Worker House and served the homeless population of Champaign, and we aim to honor this history by offering accessible and affordable housing, as well as sharing our food and produce with the community. Randolph is currently leased from Jonah Weisskopf, unlike Brooks and Harvest which are owned by NASCO Properties, which mostly just means house members are not responsible for as much maintenance.

What's it like to live in a co-op?

Communal Meals

House meals are one of the major aspects of the co-op experience. Housemates take turns cooking for each other, and dinner is often a time for members to socialize with each other.

Resource Sharing

Living in a cooperative means that there is no need for everyone to own a set of dishes, buy all of their own food, or buy their own cleaning supplies. Money is saved by buying in bulk and resources are conserved by sharing public goods.

Shared Labor

By setting up an orderly division of labor, housing co-ops make sure that everyone does their part in maintaining the house and no one gets stuck with all the work.


Roommates may merely co-exist without actually interacting with each other. Housing co-op members establish community by working together.

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